Happy Father's Day!  See You Soon!

Happy Father's Day!

See You Soon!

male skin requires serious attention

Men’s skin needs are different than women’s; they typically have thicker skin, higher sensitivity, and larger pores than women, and they produce more sebum. Their pH is also more acidic, and studies have shown male skin cells carry fewer antioxidants, which results in a greater number of deep facial lines and hyperpigmentation issues. Additionally, men continually battle a slew of skin issues specifically related to shaving, such as ingrown hairs, dryness, and razor burn.



1. Men's Hydrafacial

Get a rid of those pesky blackheads with a deep pore cleansing and refining treatment. With no downtime, this treatment will deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin with a mild chemical and hydrate your skin with infusion of antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid. Treatment can be done in as little as 40 minutes!

$199 without beard, $125 with beard (includes beard treatment)

In the beard treatment, a high frequency comb is brushed through the beard to kill bacteria and improve blood supply to the area.

2. Hair Removal: Just Do It. Your Wife Will Thank You!

Nothing kills a man's appearance more than bushy eyebrows, hairy ears, or long nose hairs. Remove unwanted hair from such areas as uni-brow, nape of neck, back, or chest hair with Laser Hair Removal or Waxing.

Starting at $20

3. Calm Down Shaving Bumps

Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) is an inflammatory reaction involving papules and pustules on the beard area – the lower face and neck – of men. Typically, there are groups of small red or pigmented bumps on the beard area that may flare with repeated shaving, and PFB tends to be worse with very curly or kinky hair. We have the BESTskincare line to treat this condition. Additionally, a few organic chemical peels (with NO downtime) can calm and clear this condition. We treat it all the time!

4. You Work Hard; Your Eyes Show It All

Option 1: Eye Perk – Brighten and depuff your eye area with an add-on eye treatment. This add-on treatment includes the application and massage of an eye serum, a hydrating eye mask, and a take-home product!

Option 2: Venus Eye Treatment – This treatment uses multipolar radio frequency, increasing blood circulation and reducing puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. Feels like a hot stone massage!



Venus Legacy Body & Facial Contouring

For fat reduction, fat pockets, and contouring. Praised by patients worldwide!