Skincare for The Highly Sensitive

Is your skin especially sensitive?  Do you have an immune disorder or just seem allergic to everything?  Come on in, let's see if I can help you.  I have sensitive skin too, so I know how you feel. 


Body Contouring with The Venus legacy

The Venus Legacy is a non-invasive treatment for targeting those stubborn areas and cellulite that all those workouts won't get rid of.  So if you have a sagging neck, bat wing arms, a little "pouch" even after all those sit-ups.  You might like the Venus Legacy.  The treatment feels like a hot stone massage.  You will need one treatment a week.  The number of weeks depends on the area being treated.  The cost depends on the area being treated as well.  It is wonderful for bags under the eyes too!


Chemical Peels

and Facials

 I use Image Skincare chemical peels.  Image peels are aloe vera based.  They work beautifully, giving wonderful results of you follow the recommended treatment plan.  I, myself, use a combination of Image Skincare and Babor everyday.  I no longer have the menopausal acne breakouts, dry skin patches or uneven skin tone that I had once menopause reared its ugly head. 

I use Image and Babor for facials as well.  Babor products are organic with no chemicals or preservatives.  Their serums are packaged in ampoules sealed in glass so that they don't have to use preservatives.  The proteins are taken out of the plants to that no one will be allergic.