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Non-Surgical Treatments

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Non-Surgical Treatments


What’s Your Focus?

We offer an exclusive menu of services for expert results
without going under the knife


Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Tighten skin, increase collagen production, and address the early signs of aging with Botox, or Fillers, such as Juvederm or Restylane. 
Stimulate the body’s natural healing response, increase collagen and elastin, tighten and smooth skin with the Clear + Brilliant or a chemical peel
Restore a youthful, vibrant appearance and improve skin texture with Facials or Chemical Peels 

Sunspots, Broken Capillaries, & Redness
Rejuvenate sun-damaged skin and treat vascular and pigmented lesions with our non-ablative skin resurfacing lasers plus skin lightening or bleaching skincare

Crow’s Feet & Volume Loss
Get a brighter, smoother eye area with Botox plus the Clear + Brilliant or Eye Perk. Buy Botox and receive a gift certificate for a free Eye Perk. 

Combining our gentle collagen promoting Clear + Brilliant laser with the Eye Perk’s energizing green tea extract and brightening citric acid is an effective treatment for your delicate eye area

“Old” Looking Hands
Rejuvenate and exfoliate skin, smooth texture, and even skin tone with our fractional laser

The Venus Legacy + Eye Perk will brighten, tighten, and lift your eye area using a combination of Radio Frequency, energizing green tea extract, and citric acid for just $75

Fuller, Smoother Lip Area
Dramatically reduce lines around the mouth area with Juvederm.  Have fuller, smoother lips and then keep them smooth with hour Image MD Collagen Lip Treatment.  If injections aren't your thing, we have the Lip Perk. The Lip Perk hydrates, exfoliates, and naturally plumps the lips with key ingredients like peppermint oil and peony extract.

Scarring & Texture
Improve skin tone and texture while increasing collagen production to create a smoother, more youthful appearance with the Clear + Brilliant

Large Pores
Reduce pore size while improving skin tone and texture with fractional laser, Clear + Brilliant
Improve the appearance of, and regenerate, the skin with Chemical Peels to reveal a smoother, more even appearance.

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