Relieve Your Stressed Out Skin

When I say relieve your stressed out skin, I am not talking about just a pampering facial.  That won't do the trick.  When your skin is showing stress, it usually is coming from the inside.  There are so many factors to what is happening to your skin.  Skin can be stressed from your job, your life, your diet, if you suffer from cancer or any other disease.  

We can figure it out and find out what will work for you.  If you look better on the outside, maybe you will feel a bit better on the inside.  Everything is done with compassion and you are never rushed out the door. 

Laser Treatments

I have worked for 20 years in this industry.  Because I worked with dermatology and then plastic surgery, I decided to go for medical laser safety training.  This training is very precise and trains you to use lasers for everything from the exam room to the surgical room. I personally picked out the lasers I use because I believe they are the most effective.

In my room I use lasers for hair removal, spider vein treatments, skin tightening, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, melasma and sun spots. 

Hydrafacial MD

and Perk

The Hydrafacial is a device that has come out in the last couple of years in the U.S.  It is pretty amazing!  It is a non-invasive device that extracts all the bad stuff from your skin and infuses it with healthy serums.  It is meant to enhance the health of your skin.  It has add-ons to to specifically target dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, evenness and texture.   I can also add on the Babor serum ampoules that we all love so much too. 

The Perk is exactly what is says - a little pick-me-up treatment that can be done alone or as an add-on to any treatment.  Have dark circles or bags under your eyes?  Perk can help.  Want your lips a bit plumper?  Perk can do that too.  Want to keep those lines and wrinkles from forming?  Perk can also do that.